PICO Diaphragm Valve

PICO Diaphragm Valve


- Flanged Control Fitting with a hydraulically operated control circuit

- On offer several types depending on the required function

- Standard installation length 1 EN 558-1 (F1) for DN 50 to 250

- Flanges type 21, form B (with seal rail)

- Connecting dimensions for PN 10, and 16

- By default, the price includes manometers/gauges at the inlet and outlet for valve alignment

- Control circuit filter with optical check of pollution


- Used for contact with drinking water, raw water and supply water; max. allowed operating temperature 50°C

- Minimum pressure difference for shut off and control functions is 0,05 MPa; max. speed of flow on the input side is 4,5 m/s, for a short term 5,6 m/s

Corrosion protection:

- Inside and outside epoxy powder coating


PN 10, 16, 25

DN 50 - 600

- Type 002 – to reduce the output pressure

- Type 003 to maintain a constant pressure at the inlet


- typ 004N – to regulate water level using one float

- typ 004 DI – to regulate water level using two floats

- typ 005 – to regulate water level using controllable valve

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