KRV Flange Ball Check Valve

KRV Flange Ball Check Valve


- One-way check valve flanged with free flow

- Simple framework

- Standard installation length 48 EN 558-1 (F6)

- Connecting dimensions for PN 10 and PN 16

- The shutting segment is a ball which stays outside the flow during the flow of fluid

- Shutting at low pressure differences

- For horizontal and vertical pipelines

- Standard version with sinking ball


- Used for drinking and waste water and nonaggressive liquids; max. allowed operating temperature is 50°C

Corrosion protection:

- Heavy duty corrosion protection – Inside and outside epoxy powder coating


With sinking ball:  

Mounting into horizontal pipeline (with a cap on the upper side)

Mounting into vertical pipeline (in case of upward flow)

With floating ball:

Mounting into horizontal pipeline, in case of lack of space (with cap down)

Mounting into vertical pipeline in case of downward flow


- Type 101 – with sinking ball, DN 40 - 600, PN 10 and 16

- Type 102 – with floating ball – on demand

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