The production of water pressure pipelines made of polyethylene and a wide range of
goods of water and gas materials keenly priced - that’s CAMPRI, spol. s r.o.

Výroba polyetylénových rúr Nákup a predaj tovaru Riešenia pre vodohospodárstvo Služby pre zákazníkov

Production of
polyethylene pipes

Within our own production we offer you both HDPE and LDPE pipes made of polyethylene in the wide range from dn 16 mm – 400 mm ...

Purchase and sale
of goods

Here you can find everything you might need relating to water materials such as pipes, fittings, concrete products, repair fittings, water – pipe fittings, ....

Solutions for
Water Management

We offer you complete deliveries for water works, water treatment plants, reservoirs, sewage treatment plants.


Welding of PE pipes using of various methods, deliveries to the customer or to a site by our own lorries, HDPE segment fittings and PVC shafts production, ...



CAMPRI, spol. s r.o. has ranked among the most
important companies in the field of environmental,
ecology, potable water processing and distribution
problem solving during its 26 -years long operation in the Slovak Republic.

The company delivers pipes, fittings and accessories for water supply and sewerage networks, water treatment plants, water reservoirs, sewage treatment plants and it also manufacturers own HDPE and LDPE pressure pipes for potable water distribution.

Within our own manufacture we offer LDPE and HDPE water pipes made of polyethylene in the wide range from dn 16 mm - 400 mm for potable water distribution.

Our products may be used for many different purposes such as: irrigation, covering pipes for cables, pressure drainage and others. Each pipe´s colour stripe represents its function.







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Unpaid transport with fully tracked vehicle throughout the Slovak Republic!


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