About Us

CAMPRI, spol. s r.o. has ranked among the most important companies in the field of environmental, ecology, potable water processing and distribution problem solving during its 29 -years long operation in the Slovak Republic.

The company delivers pipes, fittings and accessories for water supply and sewerage networks, water treatment plants, water reservoirs, sewage treatment plants and it also manufacturers own HDPE and LDPE pressure pipes for potable water distribution.

Within our own manufacture we offer LDPE and HDPE water pipes made of polyethylene in the wide range from DN 16 mm - 400 mm for potable water distribution.

Our products may be used for many different purposes such as: irrigation, covering pipes for cables, pressure drainage and others. Each pipe´s colour stripe represents its function.

We can produce pipes of different diameters, pressure lines, lengths and different colours after the consideration of individual requirements.

In the field of customer services plays an important role the production of HDPE segment fittings in the range from DN 20 mm - 400 mm: T - pieces, crosses, wyes, bends, atypical fittings.

We can assure you your orders will be delivered on time, this we manage due to our modern carriage stock.

CAMPRI, spol. s r.o. provides own customers with complete pre-, during and after-sale service to meet all their requirements, as the company’s long-term objective.













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