HDPE CL*PE 100 pipes

We produce CL*PE 100 pipes from Ø 32 mm up to Ø 125 mm stored on pallets in the lengths of 6 m and 12 m or in winding in the lengths of 50 m - 100 m.

Main benefits of polyethylene pipes with the protective layer:

Permanent improved protection of pipes from damage.

Pipes are made of CL*PE 100 (CL = Compact Layer) material, which ensures high resistance to mechanical damage and to fast as well as slow spreading cracks. The outside layer is made of highly resistant PE - HD CL*PE 100 of blue colour and forms 10% of the wall thickness. They are suitable for lying without a sand bed. The main benefit of the outside protective layer is the fact that it prevents from spreading cracks, decreases piping strain and protects it from possible damage during warehousing, point load, transport or lying. Layers are integrally molecularly joined, therefore separations is prevented.

Reduction of costs for piping lying.

When piping is laid down using a conventional method it is required to make a sand bed under piping and backfill pipes with a brought material, take away excess soil from excavation, place it to a dump and pay a dump fee. If pipes with the protective layer are used, the above-mentioned costs are eliminated. The saved amount varies depending on particular conditions of a construction, because it is influenced by several factors, for example the price for backfill material and the distance to a source of the backfill material, distance to a dump to take away excess excavated soil, a dump fee, and so on. The average amount of savings ranges as high as 30% of the total costs.

Easy and quick installation.

The indispensable advantage is shortening the time needed to lay down the water - supply piping made of polyethylene with the protective layer.

Long lifespan, (50 - 100 years) at the extent of the outside damage ≤ 10% of the wall thickness.

Possibility to apply all methods of PE welding and available mechanical joining.

Handling and lying down of pipes with the radius R of curves for which the followings apply, depending on a temperature: radius of a curve 20 x dn (nominal outside diameter) at the temperature of 20 ºC, 35 x dn at the temperature of 10 ºC and      50 x dn at the temperature of 0 ºC.

Nominal outside diameter
PE – HD CL* PE 100
SDR 17 SDR 11
PN 10 PN 16

Wall thickness        en in mm

Weight kg.m-1

Wall thickness    en in mm

Weight kg.m-1
75 4,5 1,015 6,8 1,471
90 5,4 1,460 8,2 2,131
110 6,6 2,172 10,0 3,161
125 7,4 2,750 11,4 4,100


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