HDPE PE 100 plus SC/RC pipes

HDPE PE 100 plus SC/RC pipes are extruded in a plate way from highly resistant material. The pipe is made of PE 100 RC material which ensures high resistance to mechanical damage and fast and slow cracks spreading. HDPE PE 100 plus SC/RC pipes enable to achieve increase in utility properties of engineering networks together with cost cutting. The material used prevents from cracks spreading, reduces pipe strain and protects it against potential damage by storing, point load, transport or lying. It is not necessary to place the HDPE PE 100 plus SC/RC pipe into the sand bed in the soil of the class of mineability I-IV.


We would like to point out that, after looking through the individual requirements, we are able to produce pipes in addition to the standard range of goods. That means, in different dimensions, pressures, lengths and in different colour version.
Pipes are produced for each application particularly.


Datasheet HDPE PE 100 plus SC/RC


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