HDPE PE 80 pipes

As the manufacturer, we hold the view that technologically more convenient and economically more effective material is PE 100 in comparison to PE 80, as:

  • pipes of the same diameter and of the same pressure class have lower weight
  • at keeping the same SDR the safety coefficient is significantly higher
  • time needed for welding is shortened thanks to the smaller pipe cross section area
  • PE 100 has improved properties against slow and fast spreading cracks

Pipes made of PE 80 in comparison with those made of PE 100 are characterized with improved plasticity and therefore they are packed in windings mainly.

Of course, in case of demand we are able to produce pipes made of PE 80.
We produce HDPE PE 80 pipes in black colour with blue strips in structural lengths of 6 m and 12 m.
Smaller diameters of pipes are wound into coils standardly in the length of 100 m.


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