LDPE PE 40 pipes

Pipes made of multiple polyethylene (LDPE) are recommended for application in:

  • Water - supply industry for construction of water - supply branches                                    - blue longitudinal strip
  • Agricultural field for construction of irrigation - green longitudinal strip
  • Construction of pressure sewerage - brown longitudinal strip
  • Cable protection pipes - orange / red longitudinal strip
  • Specialised purposes if aggressive chemical fluids are used in areas where subsoil subside and land movement occur what requires application of a pliable material in every place where quality of metal and traditional materials is quickly worsened due to corrosive environments

LDPE pipes have high coefficient of thermal expansion 2.0 - 2.3 x 10 - 4 mm / m°C. It means that the increase of temperature causes the increase of length and vice versa, the decrease of temperature causes the decrease of length.

We would like to point out that, after looking through the individual requirements, we are able to produce pipes in addition to the standard range of goods. That means, in different dimensions, pressures, lengths and in different colour version.
Pipes are produced for each application particularly.


Datasheet LDPE PE 40


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